Bergerie de Croci

The services of the shelter Croci

Services are acessible to ramblers housed in a dormitory or camp. For the sake of hygiene and environmental and people are asked to pay attention to the consumption of hot and cold water, and to ensure cleanliness.
All meals can be acompagné wine and soft drinks (red, beer, Orangina, cola, fruit juice ...)


Accommodation (dormitory or tent rental)

10 € / pers.

Two dormitories of 12 places, one dormitory of 10 places.
Half-board dormitory 38 € / pers.
Rental of tent with mattress (disinfected) 10 € / pers.


Accommodation (camping)

6 € / pers.

The bivouac is located around the refuge with its panoramic view of the cuscionu plateau.
Double tent rental with mattress 10 € / pers.
Bivouac half-board 34 € / pers.


3 hot showers

We have 3 hot showers. Our hot showers are alimented by two tanks that hold 300 litres of hot water



From 5 € / pers.

Coffee, chocolate, tea, bread, butter, pastries, homemade jams.
Possible supplement: cheese, fruit juice, cereals


Lunch time menu

20 € / pers.

Mixed salad
Charcuterie from our farm
Grilled meats
Today's special
Cheese portion


Evening meal

23 € / pers.

Plate of cold cuts
Cheese and fruit
Possibility of vegetarian or vegan dish
Extra wine



The croci sheepfold offers:
- Delicatessen
- cheese
- Hard boiled eggs
- Tomatoes
- Seasonal fruits
- Breads
- Chocolate bars
- Drinks
- Take away sandwiches
- Salads to take away


Family holidays

Half board 35€/pers./day

If you want to spend a weekend with family or friends come to the plateau.
There are a range of different day walks, different loops of various levels.  It’s a wonderful spot to enjoy the nature and discover the flora and the fauna of Corsica.


Services and Assistance

Should you encounter a problem and need assistance we can help you come up with a cost effective and swift plan to get you to the nearest road, village or town. We are there to help.
Should you decide you do not or can’t carry your backpack any further then we can offer help and will assist you in your change of plans. If you need medical assistance we are there to advise and make life easier.


Injury assistance

Podiatrist and physiotherapist on site (strapping / dressings / ampoules)


Home products

Organic olive oil


Products intended for sale

We can send the products from our operation:
Cold cuts: sausages, coppa, figatelli and sausages (in season)
Clementine jam

Bergerie de Croci

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